1. Alice in WIREFOREST


    Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys teams up with internationally renowned game designer American McGee (American McGee’s Alice, Alice: Madness Returns, Doom II, Quake) to work on music for Alice: Otherlands film shorts


    (Walter Sickert drawing inspiration from his “American McGee’s Alice” totems)

    "I am pleased to announce that we have received wonderful word from the weird world of Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys. They’ve offered to work with our directors to produce music for the shorts. Given the surreal breadth of sound that comes out of this group, I think the resulting marriage could be quite beautiful. We’ll smash our brains together and report back results soon! (And yes, we are still able to work with Chris Vrenna - we may end up with a mix of tracks or even a collaboration - who knows!?)” American McGee

    Check out the full update HERE:


    We’re really excited to go through the Looking Glass with you, friends and creatures.

    And who knows… this may be the start of more

    Spicy Horse / WIREFOREST madness to come!


    Love & Tentacles

    - Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

    “have I gone mad?
    I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.”
    ―Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland



  2. HEY!

    HI Friends

    As you know - we have a show THIS FRIDAY!!!!

    Tickets! http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4050354&REFERRAL_ID=twfb&pl=mideastrestaurant

    Full Scene Ahead Presents:

    Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys, Planetoid, The Yer Moms, DAve Crespo’s After Party, The Daley Grimes - 18+, $10, 7pm doors

    Please come - it will be an AHHHHHmazing show! (and we won’t be playing many LARGE rock shows this year because we have some SUPER SPECIAL things going on that we can’t wait to share with you!!!)


    We are also going to THIS on Thursday


    and I happen to have TWO (2) FREE tickets to give away for this show - email info@armyoftoys.com and if you are the 1st one to do so - you get ‘em!

    See you Friday my friends!

    Love & Tentacles

    - Edrie


  3. Good Morning Friends,

    As you know, I usually go out to people’s events 5-7 nights a week. Sometimes I go to as many as 3 events a night; just to support you all, let you know that what you do is important, make sure you know someone cares. I enjoy it, I love seeing my friends do their thing. It’s GREAT for the community and GREAT for art to have so many AWESOME talented people doing so many GREAT things. But here’s the thing… Since October I’ve been going through a very rough time health wise, going through some not-so-fun treatments which have cut my going out to once-a-week at best. I feel terrible about it. I have missed many shows and parties and fun things… I’ve missed supporting you, I’ve missed seeing you and I’ve missed having fun with you!

    THIS FRIDAY – I will be going out – I’m not entirely ready to swing back into going out nearly every night, but I’m getting there and I HOPE beyond hope that you will join me at our show. We are doing VERY FEW shows this year (and certainly very few BIG ROCK SHOWS at BIG VENUES!!!) as we prepare for a couple of BIG projects and some other exciting things.

    I KNOW there are a TON of shows on Friday ALL OF WHICH *I* ALSO WANT to go to! The lucky thing is, there is AWESOME music ALL night at our show, it’s only $10 AND if you want to hit other shows, (though you will miss some awesome bands at our show) YOU CAN STILL SEE US as we are on LATE. AND (AND!!!!) the T runs LATE – (In fact, I’m ON the Late Night Task Force for the City of Boston!!! You’re welcome for the late T and food trucks )

    SO please, please, please (PLEASE!!!!) come to our show! It’s The Shining themed, we are debuting a NEW SONG! Mali Sastri is guesting on a song, we have AWESOME performers during our set and, like I said, it’s an entire night of AWESOME music. And I miss you! Come say hi! Drink a beer for me (seriously, I can’t drink beer and I really want one, if you drink one [or more] for me, it totally counts as me drinking one… almost).

    Love & Tentacles
    - Edrie


    Full Scene Ahead Presents:
    Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys
    The Yer Moms
    DAve Crespo’s After Party
    The Daley Grimes

    18+ $10 7pm doors



  4. Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys E-mail Newsletter imageimage image image image image image
    "Musically sophisticated and immensely talented, wildly unusual and diverse in material and presentation, a Dada-esque circus carnival run amuck, and just plain good ‘not-always-so-clean’ fun" - Boston Survival Guide


    Ourselves [Official] RELEASED

    Opening Soiree of Steampunk Springfield This Friday Night


    Hello Friends

    we have SUPER EXCITING NEWS… our SECOND OFFICIAL video from Soft Time Traveler - Ourselves is OUT TODAY! Watch it! <3 it! SHARE it!

    We are VERY proud of this STEAMCRUNK offering for your eyes and ears by Milk Zombie Productions!

    (DIRECT LINK in case embedding doesn’t work in your email client)



    Milk Zombie Productions

    Jasmine Inglesmith - Film & Edit

    Annika Wisswaesser - Player 1

    Sean Seuffert - Graphic Design

    Opening Soiree of Steampunk Springfield This Friday Night


    Steampunk Springfield Exhibit Opening

    Friday, March 21, 6:30-10 pm
    George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum & Wood Museum of Springfield History

    The pleasure of your company is requested at opening of the special exhibition Steampunk Springfield: Re-Imagining an Industrial City. Guest curated by Steampunk visionary Bruce Rosenbaum, the three-part exhibition is the centerpiece of a city-wide initiative. Don your finest Steampunk gear and join us as we unveil this engaging and provocative exhibit.

    Enjoy exclusive access to the exhibit before it opens to the public! The evening begins in the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum with hors d’oeurves, a cash bar and a ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by Rosenbaum. The party continues in the Wood Museum of Springfield History with dinner, dessert and a live performance by Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys.  The first 100 guests receive a free gift bag.
    $50 Members, $60 nonmembers




    We are SUPER excited for this unique show happening May 9th


    Only TEN (10) bucks - NO FEE - AND each order comes with a VERY special little ART prize!

    GO! GET! ‘EM!




    The Telegram published this FANTASTIC REVIEW

    "An hallucinogenic fever dream of epic proportions as the always unpredictable band digs deep into degraded childhood, cultural malaise and media saturation with wit, vulgarity and a musical sound that envelops you as much as it traumatizes."

    Read the rest of the insightful article HERE!


    Love & Tentacles

    Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys

    PS: ROYALS: Part Deux


  5. https://armyoftoys.bandcamp.com/merch/ticket-to-mid-east-down-show-on-may-9th

    TICKETS to Mid East Down show on May 9th

    All work and no play makes Walter a dull boy,
    All play and no work makes Walter a mere toy

    THIS JUST IN - we have a VERY FEW tickets to our Middle East down show on May 9th to sell WITHOUT FEES!!!

    AND!!! we are including a VERY SPECIAL limited edition ART-CARD print with EACH TICKET ORDER (a $10 value!)

    So basically you are getting a NO FEE TICKET to an AWESOME SHOW and a kickass LIMITED EDITION, signed, numbered ART CARD for only $10!!!

    We will keep this order page up until all the tickets are SOLD or NOON on Friday 5/2 - whichever comes 1st!

    Full Scene Ahead Presents: Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys, Planetoid, The Yer Moms, DAve Crespo’s After Party, The Daley Grimes - 18+ 

    For more info on the show - go here:www.facebook.com/events/204436219751914/


    Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys - RUINED YOUR CHILDHOOD!

    Go! Get! IT!!!



  7. RPM 2014 means nine years of constant change for music veterans

    The WIRE NH interviewed a few people on the NINE year anniversary for RPM!!!

    The article is here:


    and here is the full interview with us!

    Full name: Walter Sickert & Edrie Edrie of Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

    Where are you from?

    Edrie: I grew up on a farm in North Dakota and Walter grew up on a boat which traveled around the Atlantic. When the boat burned down he spent a brief period in Massachusetts before living in a barn in rural NH.

    How did the band form?

    Walter: Edrie and I met each other through a series of artistic misadventures which culminated in the 1st year of RPM. We were making our entries that year with our separate partners in life. Those partners got to know each other pretty well it seems, and ran off together to parts unknown. By the next RPM, Edrie and I had formed a band of Broken Toys and we’ve been doing the RPM Challenge together ever since.

    Tell me about your first year in the RPM challenge; I understand you produced three albums that year, what drove you and the band to produce that many albums?

    E: Walter is driven by a creative muse that just won’t shut up. There is not a minute in the day when he is not creating something music and or art related. Three albums in a month was really only the tip of the artistic iceberg for him.

    What do you find the easiest about RPM challenge?

    W: I find the recording process fairly easy now, we’ve done it for so many years that we have a plan in our heads on day one and the technology has gotten so much better, that really, all I have to worry about it the song writing.

    What do you find most difficult about the RPM challenge?

    E: TIME! We basically have 2 or 3, 2 hour long recording sessions with the band and that’s it. We always manage to get our entry done to the point where we love it and want to share it with people, but every year it’s a scheduling challenge. I think last year we only had two recording sessions.

    Any huge obstacles you’ve had to overcome to complete the challenge? (kids, illness, time schedule conflicts?)

    W: One year, Edrie and I were on tour the entire month of February. We ended up recording nearly all of the record in bathrooms and greenrooms and even the van all times of the day and night all over the country.

    What motivates you to compete in the challenge every year?

    E: RPM is really fun for us. Most of the year we’re preparing for a show or festival or recording a studio album or making a video and the band is really focused and working hard during rehearsal. But during RPM, we let ourselves wonder and play a little bit. It’s a fun time to get everyone together, creating without boundaries.

    How have your albums evolved over the years?

    W: Now that we have the full seven piece band, I think our music has a full, rich quality that you can only get when a large number of people are involved in something. Everyone contributes to the songs. Not all of them are my initial idea and that makes things really interesting.

    How has your band evolved over the years? 

    E: We started out as a duo and now are a force of seven. That changes the dynamic in a big way, but we’re one huge, fun family. We love being around each other and creating with each other even though we’re all inherently really different. I mean Walter lived on the sea; I’m an accordionist in the style of Lawrence Welk. I’m even from North Dakota. Rachel is a conservatory-trained violist who conducts several orchestras; Meff writes plays (she wrote 28 Seeds) and is a mandolin player; jojo, the Burlesque Poetess, writes poetry and teaches ukulele at the Passim School of music; TJ is gravel-voiced punk and hardcore drummer who is also a scientist; and Mike Leggio has traveled more than any of us playing upright bass all over the world.

    Any year in particular your favorite?

    E: That’s such a hard question. One of the things we do each year is not only create music, but create massive pieces of art for each of the entries. When we did DEAR MOON, Walter created a 10 minute film short to go with the entry and we played the video on a loop through a little theatre box I created. People loved playing with it at the party. Once we did a real working ViktaGraph that played our album when you cranked it. We’ve also done a puppet theatre and a 4 foot tall glowing sculpture. We try not to make them too crazy large or heavy, since someone has to carry it back and forth to and from the WIRE office to the Music Hall for the party, but each year has been fun to plan that out. I can’t wait to show people the art from this year. I think people will have a lot of fun interacting with it! We leave the art at The WIRE offices so that they can enjoy them forever.

    W: though every year tickles my fancy button. I think the year we did the radio play was a favorite. It had a life beyond RPM by becoming a musical which our mandolin player wrote the book for and we partnered with the production company Liars and Believes to do an interactive theatre experience at the Boston Center for the Arts. It sold out 3 weeks of shows and may, one day, come back in other cities around the world.

    What are your plans for this year’s album?

    W: I believe we are making the first ever children’s album that comes with a parental advisory.

    What brings you back to Portsmouth every year to perform?

    E: It’s a beautiful place to make music. We’ve started a tradition in partnering with the Music Hall and the folks from the Halloween Parade where we live score a silent movie every year. The Music Hall is so beautiful and people really come out to support the shows. Our next one is in October of this year, but you can get the other two sound tracks, recorded live on those nights, on our bandcamp (armyoftoys.bandcamp.com)

    Anything else?  

    W: We just want to thank the crew over at The WIRE. This is an incredible amount of work for them and they do such a great job at keeping it together and running it year after year. We can’t wait for year 10. I hope they let us do a live performance at the party. I think it would be cool if the people that have done it all ten years were to get up and show off how they have evolved over the decade. We wouldn’t be here without The WIRE and RPM and we can’t thank them enough for inspiring us and so many others to create!


  8. Have someone who is TOUGH to buy for? An older brother who LOVES vinyl, a cool sister who wears IRONIC shirts, a dad who loves UNUSUAL art - or need a little something for YOURSELF - look no further! Order by 12/16 and it will get to you in time to GIVE GIVE GIVE!

  9. Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys official music video for “PORNIVAL” from the new album “Soft Time Traveler”.

    Get a copy of the new album here (on vinyl/CD/digital): 


    as well as at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc.

    - CREDITS -

    Walter Sickert - Director
    Edrie - Assistant Director
    Sam Krueger - Director of Photography
    Sophie Fisher - Assistant Camera / B-Camera Operator

    Band - in order of appearance

    jojo Lazar
    Walter Sickert
    Mike Leggio

    Party Goers - in no particular order

    Lil Nay
    Katrina Galore
    Eowyn Evans
    Johnny Blazes
    3rian King
    Jade Sylvan
    Craig Houk
    Miss Violet
    Tawdry Hepburn
    Dennis Coyle
    Porcelain Dalya
    Justin Moore
    Travis Moore
    Maggie Maraschino
    Natasha Sorokin
    Sophia Cacciola
    Brianna Lueders
    Clare Collar
    Princess Panther

    Special Thanks to Michael J Epstein for filming documentary footage of the event

    For more on Walter Sickert
    Official Site: http://www.armyoftoys.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/armyoftoys
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/armyoftoys

    © 2013 WIREFOREST

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      Standard YouTube License


  10. Play Me I’m Yours - Walter Sickert’s Street Piano Boston

    Halooo Toy Chest Lovelies!

    Edrie here

    I’m REALLY excited to write this post about a HUGE PUBLIC ART PROJECT that Walter is lucky enough to be involved in!

    Street Pianos BOSTON!!!! (read about the history of Street Pianos, the Boston sponsors of the program, and see locations and pics of other artist’s pianos!)

    Walter was asked to be a part of this project because of his background in the Boston Arts scene and the fact that his everyday life combines both MUSIC and ART


    (the Piano in its original form - a Henry F Miller - MADE IN BOSTON in 1889)

    Walter put a great deal of thought as to how he would reinvent this piano. As you can see, it’s absolutely LOVELY. Beautiful in form and function; a truly classic piano. AND it was MADE IN BOSTON! Walter wanted to keep as much of the original detailing as possible while still giving it the WS InkDrip treatment.

    He drew up several plans, made mockups and after much deliberation decided to COVER the piano with WS InkDrips of people we LOVE. Music and art are very important to Walter, it’s who he is, how he defines himself, but even more important is YOU. The people he shares this music and art with. We could not do this without you, and this piano is the embodiment of MUSIC, ART and YOU all mixed together! This piano honors YOU!

    AND BEHOLD -> -> -> “The Piano of Love and Tentacles" was born!


    (finished piano with bench)

    It took a couple of weeks to transform this old beauty into a new beauty. But we were fortunate enough to be able to work in a LOVELY studio in a huge light-filled warehouse on the South Boston waterfront AND we got to meet TONS of the other artists who were also hard at work transforming their pianos into ahhhhmazing art!


    (Photo of Ben Knight!)

    LOOK FOR IT AT One Kendall Square in Cambridge just outside of Belly Wine Bar (might as well stop in for a drink before/after you play it!)


    (The Piano of Love & Tentacles - out in the wild! photo by songstress @_ModernLover)

    Now you may wonder… why is 1/2 of the piano in colour and 1/2 in black & white  - well, as with all of Walter’s art there is some mystery. There are, in fact, several secrets hidden in this piano. Some of which are easy to find, and some may take work to suss out. When you go see it in person, be sure to PLAY it! Post pictures and video of your experience with the piano. Look at it closely, see if you can spot some of its secrets. Be sure to TAG your FB, Vine, Twitter, Instagram etc. posts with  #StreetPianosBoston #WalterSickert


    (jojo enjoying her sheet music)

    We sincerely hope you can play this lovely creation before it leaves its temporary home for destinations unknown!

    Thank you to the sponsors, donors and other artists who made this fantastic public art project a reality!

    Love & Tentacles

    - Edrie

    Here’s a VINE of Walter playing the piano after we finished it!

    A few words from Walter Sickert himself:

    After being asked to join a host of other talented artists to re-imagine a piano for this huge public art project, it became clear to me that for my first public work I wanted to create a piano that embodied my passion for music and art as well as my gratefulness for our city’s art community. A WIREFOREST of love & tentacles that spreads across the globe. This is for all of you and I hope you get to make beautiful noise in the streets of Boston.

    Below are some images of the piano in process!


    (detail of the left panel - angel relief - BEFORE)


    (detail of the left panel - angel relief - DURING - note that we gave it a burnished effect so that the beautiful details of the panel would stand out)


    (detail of the left panel - angel relief - AFTER)


    (detail of the center panel - more angels - BEFORE)


    (center panel in progress)


    (closeup of center panel - nearly complete!)


    (center panel, burnishing and WS InkDriping DONE! I am sure you see a few familiar faces here!)







    (speaking of familiar faces… Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Walter Sicket, LuQ, Irina, Seth, Martha, Lainey, Phil, Baby Grey, Rachel Jayson, Dali, Erin Morgenstern, Mali, Amandacera, Queen of all Geeks, Paisley, Dave, Randy’s dog, Sarah, Rudolf, Jill Tracy, Tad, Mary Widow, Ivan, Edrie, Meff etc. etc. etc TOO MANY TO NAME! )


    (Walter, playing his creation for the 1st time)


    (a closeup of the keys - Walter’s playing one of our songs!)


    (FIND and PLAY Walter’s Street Piano at 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge outside of Belly Wine Bar!)

    9/27/2013 - UPDATE - FAQ by Edrie

    so a HUGE number of you have contacted me about the details of this project. Def go to the host site HERE and read up, I think most of your questions will be answered with a little poking around.

    Here are answers to your other burning questions:

    1. Q: How did the artists get picked? A: I don’t know how everyone else got picked, but Walter was chosen because of his link to the music and visual arts community. We knew a few months ahead of time that it was coming, but didn’t really prepare until we knew what piano he would have. After all, how can you design something without knowing what the base is going to be like. From the time we knew what piano we were getting to the finished piano, was about 2 weeks. The bulk of the work was in preparation and planning. The execution took roughly seven days working around 10-15 hours a day. There was then a couple of days of wait time for everything to dry and a couple of coats water resistant sealer to apply… all told, around 150 hours were spent in the execution and nearly that much spent in the planning.

    2. Q: How much did Walter get paid? A: Walter did not get paid, none of the artists did. They got a $50 reimbursement for materials but no actual $ (and note, it cost $464 in materials for Walter’s piano)

    3. Q: Do you get to keep the piano? A: No, probably not… I say probably because we HOPE that we can somehow acquire it, but the program will likely donate it to a community group. Maybe we can go visit it…

    4. Q: How will it last in the rain? A: It has some water resistant coating on it, and there is a tarp for it, but it’s pretty much got to fend for itself. We weather proofed it as much as possible, but there isn’t much protecting it from the elements.

    5. Q: Are you worried someone will draw dicks on the piano. A: There are already dicks drawn on the piano (actually probably no dicks, but a whole lotta lady parts are drawn on it!), and again, public art project, really not much we can do about it.

    6. Q: How did you pick what InkDrips to put on it? A: I had every piece of art printed (NOT FINE ART PRINTS, just regular old laser prints) in both color and black and white that Walter has ever done with people we personally know on them. They were placed based on the curves of the piano - basically if a picture belonged in a spot, that’s where it went. I tried to get as many people as I could on there - it was over 700 unique drawings! (Yes 700 illustrations of people WE ACTUALLY KNOW - done by Walter - he’s a bit crazy…)

    More questions? Hit me up! edrie <at> armyoftoys <dot> com

    MOAR PICS of Walter’s Piano in the wild!






    THE FINALE of Walter’s Piano was held on 10/14 - we gathered to play it and say goodbye - here is one of the songs we played